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Pow Wow Hawaii article

Pow Wow Hawaii article

Nicholas Kaleikini featured in Honolulu Pulse magazine courtesy of Gary Chun.

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Sneak Peek at the NEW Danny and Nicholas Kaleikini single

Sneak Peek at the NEW Danny and Nicholas Kaleikini single

A sneak peek listen of Danny and Nicholas Kaleikini’s first new single.  

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Performed at Hamilton College’s Senior Solo Concert.  My last performance as an undergraduate at the prestigious Hamilton College.  The piece is dedicated to my teacher, Monk Rowe, for his immense passion and care for music and his students.  Without him, I wouldn’t be following my passion.  

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Greetings and Aloha

“without music, life would be a mistake”

Friedrich Nietzsche

Here is a link to my music: https://soundcloud.com/nicholaskaleikini

Here is a link to a video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o7_UodP-Kn0&feature=youtu.be